Fajitas Mixta
Sweet & Spicy Shrimp
Chimichanga Fajita

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

With two convenient locations around the area, there is no reason not to indulge on these tasty platefuls of tacos, burritos, never-ending chips and salsa, and one heck of a fiesta! Try out any of their Azteca Del Mar specialties, Sizzling Fajitas or Steak Dishes! The Camarones al Mojo de Ajo (shrimp spices with butter, onion and garlic, served with rice and guacamole salad), Fajitas Azteca Maya (Strips of chicken and beed with con queso o fundedo, mushrooms, and onions, served with rice, beans, tortillas, guacamole salad, sour cream and your choice of fresh jalapenos), or the Steak Jalisco (steak, jalepenos, tomatoes and onions served with rice, beans and tortillas) will not disappoint! Come and leave room for their yummy desserts!

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